Portraits of a Beautiful French Bulldog

I can't say enough how much I adore photographing this breed of dog. They just seem so photogenic to me and have such a lovely temperament. I think I could photograph these sweet things everyday.

She was a little frightened sitting on the wooden boxes, we weren't sure really why. It wasn't too tall that she couldn't jump down if she wished but for some reason we struggled to get her to settle. She just remained glued to the spot, which I suppose helped us a little.

The beanbag was a little easier. She certainly looked more comfortable but keeping her there was a little more difficult. When she wanted down she just left. And in our attempt to get her to close her mouth and look at the camera on more than one occassion some bad words slipped out, like 'walk' and 'park'. Needless to say, getting her to remain seated then was nearly impossible.

But for some reason those words worked. Not only did they get her attention but they also got her to close her mouth. When working with dogs you have to try different things. Its not always what you expect, like squeaky toys or treats, that do the trick. Nor did high pitched voices on this occasion. At one point it was a low, deep voice spoken by dad that got her attention. When it comes to getting the shot, you do what you have to do.

In the end we got everything we needed and more. To confirm that we really were finished, as I could have carried on she was that fun to photograph, she made her way back to one of the blankets we had used earlier and settled in, until one of my cats appeared at the window. It was all good fun. And French bulldogs​ are definitely one of my favourite subjects to work with.

If  you have an dog you adore why not get some portraits of them? Its quite an enjoyable experience and in the end you have some beautiful images. Get in touch to hear what we can do for you.