I Finally Have a Muse

This is something I've wanted since I began as a photographer and portrait artist, someone who inspires me and allows me to photograph them regularly so that I can create work just for me which will help me to grow as an artist. I've seen so many great artists from the past often referring to their muse and it seems such a useful and valuable aspect to what we do.

Now finally I have one and it happens to be my daughter. You might be thinking 'You've had your daughter for nearly 14 years and you're just figuring that out?' Well yes, that is the case, although it was more that she needed to figure it out as it was always my daughter who wanted nothing to do with being photographed. In January this year however, that all changed. Something clicked into place and we can now work together, albeit on a limited and infrequent basis and it does involve cold hard cash exchanging hands. Either way, I am very happy and long may this continue.

It all started when I needed to test some new lights that were sent to me prior to using them in demonstrations at a photographic conference in London. Time was limited and I needed someone quick so I offered her £20 to sit for me, which she did after negotiating the rate a little higher. It still wasn't smooth sailing but once we got into it we found something that worked. And from there I realised that she is actually someone I'd like to work with more often. So I proposed that she be my model at the Photography Show for my demonstrations with Bowens, the lighting manufacturer for which I am a brand ambassador. 

That experience ended up being brilliant. It was everything I wanted it to be and I've since arranged for her to model for me for other events. She will be accompanying me to London next January for that same conference I mentioned earlier, The Societies Convention.  And hopefully she will be back with me at the NEC for next years Photography Show in March as well. And there are still other events to be arranged hopefully within this calendar year too, not to mention a few personal projects that I am sure will involve her as well.

So let me introduce you to my daughter, Kenzie, here with a selection of her recent portraits. I hope to share so much more of her for many years to come.