June 18, 2020: It has been decided, based on government guidelines and recommendations, that we will be re-opening for business, effective immediately. Given the great success of The 100 Dogs in 100 Days campaign I have a large number of sessions I feel I can safely resume. So for the time being I will be inviting these customers back in the order in which they were booked. With that in mind, the business will have some restrictions and policies in place to minimise any risks for both ourselves and our valued clients. These are as follows:

Cleaning: As is always the case, we will be thoroughly cleaning our studio before and after each session, including washing all blankets and props used. All hard surfaces will be disinfecting, including door handles and equipment.

Time Between Sessions: For the foreseeable future we will not be having more than one client in per day so there will never be a cross over between clients and we will be able to give the studio a good airing out between clients.

Hand Washing: As the photographer I will be washing my hands thoroughly before each session and will ask that clients use the hand sanitizer provided (or you are welcome to bring your own) at the start of the session.

Social Distancing: Our studio is large enough that we should not need to be less than 2m apart at any time duringthe session. This will require assistance from the owners of the dogs as I will need to provide instructions from a safe distance for helping with the posing of the dog or dogs.

Sick Policy: If anyone attending a session is feeling unwell or living in a house with someone feeling unwell at all please let us know and we will happily rearrange your session at no additional cost. And of course, if anyone attending the session has come in contact with someone who has Covid 19 or suspects they may have Covid-19 it is vital that you inform us and again we will reschedule at no extra cost.

This works both ways and although I will feel bad to have to cancel bookings when I normally would want to carry on, I must and will consider the safety of my clients and will postpone any sessions should I feel at risk of transferring the virus. 

At this time I would ask that no more than 2 people attend these sessions with their dog or dogs and that these two people must be from the same household. 

Also during this time we will not be able to serve drinks so please bring along something for yourself. I apoligise for not being able to be more hospitable but I am sure you understand. 

If you wish to book a session other than a pet portrait session I am open to discuss your requirements and see what we can do. We will not be at this time offering any sessions that require me to come in close contact with anyone (ie newborn sessions or not yet sitting babies that require any posing) but such sessions as headshots, small families and children can still be carried out safely. Please get in touch to discuss any questions you may have.